Talk in your customer's language.

             Without the unnecessary jargon.

Our philosophy of copywriting

It takes a great deal of effort to make the words or 'copy' on a website look effortless. People often leave it to the last minute, thinking: "surely I can just whip something up? Writing is simple, right?"

Physically, yes. But technically, no way.​ Website copy is a very distinct style of writing.

Good 'copy' is the difference between attracting your perfect clients and just scraping by. It's the difference between making money in business and not.

Let any 'Joe Schmo' write it and before you know it, the cliches are flying and the boring jargon is driving your website visitors far, far away. Think of copy like this: "Our team of specialised, trained experts facilitate and coordinate progressive and cutting edge discussions that promote change, innovation and business profitability."

Uhhh, what?

So, how do you get your potential clients to say "I just HAVE to work with these guys!"?

We spend a lot of time with you to understand exactly what your business does and what it stands for. Then we crank up your brand's personality so you don't sound vague or like a robot.

We work on a hourly rate so that there's no nasty surprises for you or us. It keeps everyone honest and we keep a running time sheet on Google Docs of everything we're doing so you can track it live along the way.

So get in touch today and stop losing website visitors with your boring copy.

Can you really afford for your copy to be... blergh?

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