Social Media Strategy

Your customers should be talking

to you, not just about you.

Our approach to Social Media

Some businesses shouldn't have a Facebook page.

Surprised? We've all been told that to be successful as a small business, you need to be 'on' social media. Trouble is, people think they can just sign up their business page, and then set and forget. This is potentially the biggest mistake they could make.

What we're almost never told, is that when it comes to the mysterious, ever-changing world of social media, quality trumps quantity every time.

At Roarify, we've often stumbled across a company with seemingly impressive profiles on every platform: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, Snapchat, Vine and LinkedIn. But when we do further digging, we find each profile variation is actually a deserted wasteland filled with stagnant, three-year-old content and zero engagement. It's the digital equivalent of tumbleweed.


"Roarify helped us establish exactly who our target audience is, and how to best present ourselves from a marketing perspective. The team showed us strategies to use which have already given the business a competitive edge and greater exposure. What Roarify promised, they delivered, and the business is a lot healthier for it."

Matt Bromley , Owner, Collection Wise

''UTS Business School engaged Roarify to develop a digital marketing audit & strategy for its Business Practice unit. With a complete rebrand under way, the research, advice & continual support that Eric provided was invaluable. The result has been a clear vision & 252% increase in social media engagement. The plan was easily implementable, and I allowed our interns to follow the step-by-step solutions afforded by Roarify''

Stephen Rutter , UTS Business Practices Manager

The lesson?

It's better to kill it on one platform than try to be present everywhere.

So, how do you discover which platforms your business will thrive on, then strategically work those channels to see increased engagement, website traffic, and ultimately, a bunch of sales or new clients? Hint: get yourself a Social Media Strategy!

What is a Social Media Strategy?

The words 'Social Media Strategy' often seem vague and slightly scary to many of the businesses we chat to. But the reality is that having a clear, targeted plan is crucial when it comes to how you're going to engage on the plethora of social media platforms​.

And when we say a Social Media Strategy is crucial, we mean it could be the difference between gathering a tribe of customers who will be loyal for life, and driving away everyone who comes near with a pitchfork. So yeah, pretty important.

What a Social Media Strategy looks like

We go deep with businesses to assess their best areas to play in social, then we teach and/or implement an achievable step-by-step plan, with three desired outcomes: to increase customer interaction, build trust and scale conversions.

  • Increase customer interaction: Realistically, this means checking in with your audience at least once a day. Say 'hi'. Ask them questions. Reply to their comments or criticisms. This may sound overwhelming, but when you're only focused on one or two platforms that suit your brand, it's really do-able.
  • Build trust: As you talk with your customers more, they'll start to like, know and trust you. You'll present a human, authentic side of your business. You'll prove you care, that you're not just a big corporate company trying to take them for a ride. And this trust will make them fiercely loyal to you.
  • Scale conversions: This simply means bringing people to your social profile or website and asking them to take a particular action - 'like' your page, retweet your content, sign up for your newsletter, check out the sales page for your product.

If you want us to talk Social Media Strategy with you, we'll discuss which platforms will best suit your brand. Depending on your resources, we'll work out a way that you can dominate on a couple of platforms. We'll give you lots of great content ideas. And then together we'll make sure you kill it!

Sick of spreading yourself too thin on social? Let us help!

All our packages can be customised, but here's a taste of what we offer:​


A single half-day workshop to identify the best social media platform for your business, the required resources and strategies to get it done.

In our half-day workshop, you'll learn:

  • The 4 C's to analyse where you're at.
  • the difference between each of the social platforms in relation to your business.
  • how to create lead generation from social to your website to gain more traffic, more email sign ups and more sales
  • This session is not designed to go through the ins and outs of how to run social media ads (offered in another package)




Have Roarify assist with regularly creating and posting content for your page, moderating engagement (comments, likes, shares) and running social media ad campaigns.

We can look after:

  • Posts on your behalf
  • Post copy, image editing and sourcing.
  • Community management
  • Social media advertising campaigns & optimisation
  • Regular insights and anlytics
  • Assessment of your social media activities in comparison with your overall digi​tal strategy
  • We never post for the sake of filling a page. If it's got no on-page engagement, we'll address it with you.

From $1000 / mth*


Are you at the point where you just need to start again? Or need to start and don't have a clear direction? Our full overhaul looks at your digital strategy, social media management and how interactions happen when people hit your website.

This is a custom solution, but will involve at least:

  • Full day or multi-day digital strategy sessions
  • Current social media activities audit
  • Social media maagement requirements
  • Website back-end analysis and recommendations
  • training and/or management of digital strategy on an on-going basis.
  • Yearly/monthly support

Contact to discuss

* Because some brands run a single Facebook account and others run multiple platforms, we can't judge this with a single blanket price or package. Get in touch to organise the best arrangement for your brand.

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