Improve Your Website Performance in 20 Seconds With This Free Tool

Hi guys,

A really short tip today to help you with your website page load times on your website.

To reduce the file size of your images

TINYPNG - an online image file-size reduction tool. Drop and drag your images into the editor and it'll automatically reduce the file size down. Then click download and you're done. The entire process is no more than 20 seconds.

Screenshot of TinyPNG Website

I even managed to reduce the file size of that (↑↑↑) screenshot of their website by 63%:

TinyPNG screenshot saving 63%

To optimise the image dimensions

So what if you have a massive image to begin with? Yes, you're better off reducing the pixel width and height too. Do that with this tool...

Picmonkey - an online image editing tool, drop and drag your images into the editor and then either crop or resize to the correct size you need.

Picmonkey editor screenshot

When you're done, simply click save (then I'd run it through TinyPNG) and upload to your website.

Why are page load times important for my website?

Page load times are important because they make your website run faster (people leave if  page takes more than a few seconds) and this is good for SEO. And it makes  sense really... the search engines want to give the best possible search results to solve your query in the shortest possible time, and so they want to  promote websites that have fast page load speeds.

Let's say you have a 5MB image with dimensions 5000px high x 5000px wide. When you add this 5MB image to your website, your website has to download the full image size still and then resize for your website so it can show up this big:

Hope you guys found this helpful and can now start reducing the files sizes of the images your uploading. If your images were 80% smaller across the board, imagine how much more efficient your server would be. This is a worthwhile exercise.


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